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JCAPS to Oracle SOA Migration = Old wine in a new Bottle?

Having aged with Java CAPS and Oracle SOA Suite, I take the liberty to rattle on the ongoing trend - filling Old wine in a new Bottle.

Software migration is as exciting as getting a new vehicle for ride, without changing the Passenger or Destination. Likewise, migration provides the thrill of exploring new tools and functionalities, without changing the Business logic or Data.

The comparison may not be fully apt, as IT has more fancy complications and Business cycles…like "(quick) End of Lifecycle". Let us also keep in mind Software has no resale value like your car.

Now, let's get down to Business, on various approaches we could take on this Migration task.

Development Methodologies of JCAPS and Oracle SOA

Let us analyze the Development patterns of JCAPS and Oracle SOA before getting into Migration possibilities.

JCAPS has gone through constant revamp to catch up with the latest technologies.

JCAPS Version cycle.

Migration calls...Let's go!

Now, we have an understanding of various Development patterns of the Products. Let us focus on the approaches we could take.


Migration is a challenging Process.

Shall we try simplistic thinking, employed by George Boole to zip our entire Business logic into Ones and Zeroes. Let's retrospect ourselves with few questions...

So...this migration is filling 'old wine in a new Bottle'? Well... it depends solely on your decisions. I've come across brave souls in IT ( following Robert Frost ), who have converted these challenges to great Opportunities, by even coming up with their own IP / Solution. Are you the next one?

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