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I specialize on BPM SOA SAAS Integration Technologies
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"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.." - Thomas A. Edison.

Counting together on our Expertise, Let's start from 10,001 :)

As Consultant

Let's work on Challenges Solutions.

Business Consultant for Big five Consulting firms and Fortune clients. Cisco, Oracle Corporation, BearingPoint / KPMG IT Consulting, Pfizer, Nike, to name a few
Implementor covering full lifecylce on Oracle SOA AIA & JCAPS for world's largest Telecom, Logistics, Manufacturing Organizations - IEEE, Nextel, EGL, Alcoa to name a few.
Product Developer of Sun Microsystems Java CAPS & Open Text Cordys on Java EE Technology

As Trainer

Let's Step, JUMP ahead to next level.

Rich Development and Consulting experience on the SOA and BPM domains.
Learn by doing it. Emphasis on Lab / Workshop oriented Sessions.
Associated with Premium Institutions - Oracle University, UST Global, MTN, Telecom South Africa, Deloitte Consulting to name a few.
Trainings laced with Real Project experiences. Tailor made based on the needs of the Client.
My B(labber)log Posts

"A professional Writer is an Amateur who did not quit" - Richard Bach.

So, may I suggest you don't quit here too, and bear with my amateur blog :)

Test. Test and Test... Till it Breaks!

Testing a Complex Business process could get more complex than developing the Business Process itself.

Let us do it, the easy lazy way.


Snooping on Process Orchestration.

Tracking complex Business process lifecycle becomes easier, if we understand the mechanism.

This post explains about extracting the SOA Audit trail and gleaning it for necessary information.


Knock! Knock! You got an Alert!

Troubleshooting bugs in a complex Business process could be more tiresome than coming to Office on Monday morning.

Let us explore how we could transform it to Friday evening breeze in this post, by implementing a preventive mechanism.


The Grand Oracle SOA Buffet. Digestion tips

Oracle SOA Suite is a set of cutting-edge, integration products grouped together. Designing solutions is a treat, like relishing a grand buffet with delicious spread.

But how you end up with the Buffet - whether with sound sleep or suffer food poisoning depends on your choice called Design.


SOA Implementation. A Pain Story?

It was not love at first sight, ten years back. She enchanted me with her unconventional approach. I adored the simplicity laced in her solutions or how she decimated Complex situations into simple tasks. The long journey with her till date was fruitful, as she gave more to my life taking less efforts from me.

She is SOA.


JCAPS to Oracle SOA Migration = Old wine in a new Bottle?

Having aged with Java CAPS and Oracle SOA Suite, I take the liberty to rattle on the ongoing trend - filling Old wine in a new Bottle.


"The only source of Knowledge is Experience" - Albert Einstein.

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